The Types of Slot Machines

April 11, 2009

We all have our favorite slot machines that we like to play. Our favorite slot machines depend on a variety of factors and include the bonuses which are available through the machines as well as the type of game. There are some people that prefer to play straight slot machines at the casino and others that would rather play progressive slots.

Both types of slot machines offer competitive bonus structures and allow the player to take advantage of bonuses which can help to quadruple the money in as little as one round if

Straight slot machines at the casino are those that offer the same winnings per line which do not change, as opposed to progressive slot machines, where the winnings can change depending on the amount of coins that are placed in the machine and the amount of coins which are bet through each spin.

Progressive slot machines at the casino are those that are an effective way to win the jackpot. In these types of slots, up to three coins can be placed in the machine and bet per line to increase the chances of winning the jackpot. The player has the choice of playing between one and three coins and the more coins that are played the higher the chances of winning the jackpot.

Which type of slot machine offers higher chances of winning? This is something that many players are unsure about but the truth is that the slot machines that offer the highest chances of winning depend on how many coins are being bet per line and per spin. The more that is bet, the more that could potentially be won at the casino. Remember though, jackpot bonuses are traditionally offered through progressive slot machines.


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