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Summer time to continue Mega Moolah Series

Online slot machines are perhaps not the most loyalty inspiring games in the world. They’re certainly not like sports where teams have huge amounts of fan loyalty and while there are people that tend to stick with the same online slot machine for a long period of time, the vast number of new slot machines that come onto the market each year essentially means that very few slot machines are able to have large followings beyond a few months after their creation.

In order to combat this arguably systemic problem with many online slot machines, the Microgaming Corporation has stepped forward with the idea of series. A series is a number of different slot machines released in succession, with each new online slot machine in the series stepping in to pick up the slack left by the waning popularity of its predecessor. Of the slot machines that have been created in series, perhaps the most popular series that Microgaming has come up with is the Mega Moolah series. Summertime is the third slot machine in that series and it is being created with the intention of keeping Mega Moolah fans interested in the series while at the same time giving them something new to look forward to.

The artwork in Summertime is simply fantastic and that is certainly one of the main reasons that this machine has been able to attract the same viewership of people that liked Mega Moolah and African Safari, the two previous games in this particular series. With delicious fruits, beautiful landscapes and twinkling jewels, Summertime is a slot machine that definitely has the potential to take the Mega Moolah series to the next level of popularity.

There are also some new ideas incorporated into Summertime, such as the ability to land a jackpot through spinning the jackpot wheel. Landing on a red square on the spin will result in a mini jackpot, landing on an orange square will bring a minor jackpot, landing on a yellow square will result in a major jackpot and landing on the one white square will bring the Mega Moolah jackpot that forms the basis for the name of this series.