Video Poker Strategies for Beginners

May 12, 2009

Experts argue amongst each other about the suitability of video poker games in casinos and other establishments for beginners. Some believe that the player should encompass knowledge about poker to yield the best results when it comes to playing. Others argue that the pay tables are listed, and the player can easily catch on to which hands are winners and which potential losing hands are present.

In many video poker games there are suggestions made by the computer regarding the hands that will yield the best odds when it comes to playing the game. Of course, the player can choose their own hand at an increased risk and therefore can increase the potential winnings which can be demonstrated from the machine.

The basic rules of video poker can be found on the pay tables which determine which hands will yield which winnings. These rules are often found within the detailed tutorials and make it easy for those with even minimal experience playing poker to gain winnings when it comes to video poker.

Strategies can be developed to make the most of each hand that is played through each video poker hand. Following the pay tables and determining the best chances can be completed by using the choices that the computer has chosen for cards that should be discarded. This strategy is effective for beginner players and can minimize the risk which is associated with playing video poker, until they begin to get the hang of it.

Until the game is learned completely and the risks are associated with each hands, minimum bets should be wagered to ensure that losses are minimized until the game is learned more in depth.

Video poker has one of the highest percentages of payouts of all the machines at the casino and therefore is a popular choice for many avid poker fans that are visiting the casino. Next time you visit the casino or play online, give it a try and see how you fare.


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