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Psychedelic Sixties is the Latest I-Slot from Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming has been making a rather large name for itself in the field of the online slot machine. They have done it by creating high quality slot machine content that people absolutely have to play. Animations, great graphics, interesting plotlines and of course the amazingly realistic and addictive i-slot have all been elements in the eventual triumph of the Rival Gaming brand in the overall slot machine marketplace.

Their latest release is another i-slot, except this one is known as Psychedelic Sixties. As the name of the slot machine implies, this slot machine is all about the hippies and the sixties. The sixties were a time of great political strife all around the world, but nowhere was that culture war felt more than it was within the United States. The United States was a place of constant political turmoil as the hippy movement reached its peak and many of the younger generation were swept up in the fun of it all. Sex, drugs and rock and roll were what it was all about and it is that particular cultural movement that this particular slot machine is attempting to pay homage to.

There are many great symbols available on the reels to help it achieve this goal. A Volkswagen Bus is a good example of such a symbol, representing the bonus that you will find on the reels. Of course, the bonus rounds are quite amazing as well as one would expect from the i-slot franchise. Other symbols on these reels include motorcycles, hearts, flowers, crosses, lava lamps, drums, smiley and the symbol for peace. Of course, it would not be an homage game without several hippy sprites as well, so you will see a few of those in both genders available on the reels as well.

At the same time that this slot machine is attempting to do something new with the symbols, it is also doing something rather old with the numbers. With five reels and twenty pay lines, anyone will be able to quickly get the hang of how this slot machine works. Rival Gaming is counting on it, as one would think that they hope this homage will bring out the inner hippy in many and get them to play this slot machine for a reasonable amount of time.