InterCasino Ringing in UEFA Finals in Style

May 7, 2009

The Champions League of UEFA is big with the people that normally play at InterCasino and the people running the online casino operation understand this all too well. That is why they have stepped up to the plate (to borrow a non-soccer sports metaphor to describe a situation dealing with soccer) and created the Champions Chance Quiz tournament, which will run from May 6th to May 19th. The winner of the promotion on the 19th will get a $5000 prize package that can be converted into a trip to Rome with tickets to the final of the UEFA Champions League on May 27th.

The actual tournament is quite simple and functions on the same points system that most online casino tournaments utilize in the modern era. What makes this particular one interesting however is the fact that wagering money on the different games that InterCasino has available is not the only way to earn points. In fact, it is not even the primary way to earn them.

The main way that points are earned in this particular promotion is through answering two quiz questions about the UEFA Champions League history throughout the period of time that the promotion in running. Based on your correct answers, you get points and wagering money which can in turn be used on various games within InterCasino to increase the number of points that you can get. All in all, the winner of the tournament will need to be knowledgeable, able to answer the questions and lucky at the wagering aspect in order to win. For the top 100 finishers on May 19th however, there will be some sort of prize available.

This promotion is currently available exclusively through InterCasino, so make sure you are playing there from May 6th to May 19th if you want to take full advantage of the promotion. Since it works on the basis of two questions a day, you can actually catch up on past questions even if you are unable to start on May 6th with the other players. That should increase the interest a little bit.


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