Poker Ride Staying True To Its Name

May 2, 2009

When Microgaming released the Poker Ride online progressive table game in 2005, they did so in order to expand the level of card games that they offered at their online casinos. They were doing fine in slot machines, but wanted a better showing with their online card games outside of blackjack and baccarat. The Poker Ride table game actually did do that for them, partially because of the fact that the online jackpot was hit on average once every week or so. However, the positive press that Poker Ride has received recently has to be far beyond anything Microgaming could have imagined when they made this game available at all of their online casino locations.

It started on April 18th when the progressive jackpot was hit at the Poker Ride game. It was worth $106,789 and naturally Microgaming took advantage of the victory in order to release marketing notices that once again their excellent online poker casino game had allowed someone to walk home with a sweet amount of money. Then, just a few hours later (although technically on the next day), the Poker Ride machine once again allowed a jackpot to be won, this time paying out $102,024. In both cases, Microgaming was able to gain a lot of positive media out of the event and the fact that they experienced two jackpots in two days has only helped the online casino company cultivate the already positive image that many online media outlets are inclined to have of them.

In the end though, what has made Poker Ride such a great game for Microgaming has a lot to do with the general erratic behavior of the maximum progressive jackpots that are won from this game. Poker Ride is very streaky in terms of giving out jackpots and that means that it will go a long time without giving jackpots and then will give a bunch in quick succession. Online casinos love games like that because it allows them to focus their marketing efforts in the wake of the high jackpot density and get a lot of other players on board easier because they are selling the success that their machines have generated for other players. As far as this strategy is concerned, Poker Ride has been the best.


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