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Major Casino Opposition in Massachusetts

In case you aren’t familiar with the current state of casino gambling in Massachusetts, I’m going to take a minute to give you the back story (that way the main point of this post will make more sense to you). Last year, Deval Patrick (who is the Governor of Massachusetts) had a plan to license three resort casinos throughout the state of Massachusetts. However, this plan ultimately failed. If you ask anyone who was familiar with this situation, chances are they will tell you that the plan failed as a result of opposition from Salvatore F. DiMasi, who was the Speaker of the House for Massachusetts at the time that the Governor was trying to get the plan passed.

Although most people would agree that DiMasi is the reason that the plan did not succeed, the Governor of Massachusetts may have another opportunity to put his plan into action. The reason that this opportunity may be available to him is because DiMasi just recently resigned from his position as the Massachusetts Speaker of the House.

The positive thing about this scenario for the Governor is that not only did DiMasi step down, but the new Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Robert A. DeLeo, actually does support gambling. While his main objectives have been to push for slots at Massachusetts racetracks, this does not mean that the possibility of resort casinos is completely out of the question.

Because this issue is heating up once again, there have been a lot of people who have become very vocal opponents of these resort casinos being opened in Massachusetts. The most notable of all the opponents is Casino Free Mass, which is actually a consortium of people who are opposed to casinos in Massachusetts. As part of their protest, Casino Free Mass went as far as to send a letter to all legislators in Massachusetts that compared gambling to technological heroin.

On top of that, the group created a ten minute long video that focuses on the problems caused by casinos and gambling. Although you most likely do not agree with the views of this group, if you are simply interested in seeing what kind of arguments they are trying to make in regards to this topic, you can find their website here (which is where they also posted their video).