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Cryptologic join hands with Paramount Digital Entertainment

This year, online Cryptologic casinos such as VIP Casino and InterCasino will have slot games, based on characters from the popular Paramount movies, thanks to a multi year agreement signed between the casino majors and Paramount Digital Entertainment. Some of the terms of this agreement were released by Cryptologic on March 17.

As per the contract, Cryptologic will have the rights to develop and offer online slot games, based on the characters from over 20 Paramount movies, that include Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Beowulf, Beverly Hills Cop, Ferris Bueller and Ghost, to name a few. This would help Cryptologic to have more games based on the movie theme. At present, it has few such as the Movie Mayhem series, Fantasy Realm based on mystic movies, Silent Screen that takes one to the 1920s, and the Sunday Afternoon classics.

CryptoLogic’s president and CEO, Brian Hadfield, described the deal as between leaders in their respective fields. He said, “Paramount Pictures boasts an extensive catalogue of classic and new releases, and Cryptologic makes the world’s best branded Internet casino games.” He further added that branded games will drive the online casino revenue up, and hoped that the present deal will catapult Cryptologic to an unassailable position in the slot game arena. Returning complements, Vice President Interactive Licensing Paramount Digital Entertainment Luke Letizia stated in his release that online gaming industry is a suitable new platform for the Paramount brand. He exuded confidence that Cryptologic games will be at par in terms of quality and caliber that of Paramount.

Cryptologic was desperate to forge new partnerships, especially since they lost their exclusive standing with Marvel Comics recently. Marvel had entered into a deal with Playtech, Cryptologic’s main rival in the online casino domain, enabling them make online slot games based on Marvel Comic’s characters. With the new deal, Cryptologic is confident about gaining the lost ground, and give their competitors a run for their bucks.