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Is There Going to Be a Ban on Online Gambling in Argentina?

When you think of a country like Argentina, you probably don’t automatically think of restrictive policies against online gambling. While the United States has been viewed for several years as unjustly regulating the online gambling industry, the majority of other countries have not gained this same reputation. However, it seems that there is a chance that Argentina may be added to the list of countries that are trying to cut the online gambling industry off at its knees.

During the last weeks, a bill has been introduced in Argentina related to online gambling. The bill, which was introduced in Buenos Aires, has the goal of completely prohibiting all online gambling. Because the bill uses the term “gambling via remote connection,” it would prohibit not only gambling that takes place over the Internet, but also any gambling done over a cellphone or other mobile device.

So, what is Argentina’s motivation for introducing this kind of legislation into their country? According to Deputy Liliana Piani, who is the politician responsible for introducing this legislation, a complete ban over online gambling is a necessity for Argentina to have control over all of the gambling activities that take place in their country. While many would argue that regulation is a much more logical approach to the topic of online gambling, Piani feels that prohibition is necessary because the government is not currently doing enough to take care of the problems she feels this form of gambling can create.

Just like in the United States, there are plenty of opponents in Argentina to this legislation who are doing their best to make their voices heard. Similar to the opponents to the US prohibition of online gambling, opponents in Argentina feel that trying to prohibit this activity is not an efficient solution. Instead of completely banning it, they feel the government should focus on regulating it. If you look at other examples of government prohibition (such as alcohol in the US in the 1920), you will see that it creates an underground market with no regulations.