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Gambling Without Smoking?

As anyone who has gone to casinos knows, smoking is just part of the atmosphere. Whether you are a regular smoker, only like to smoke when you are out at a place like a casino or don’t smoke at all, when you go inside of a casino, you can almost always expect to smell smoke and have people around you who are smoking. While the majority of people just accept this as the way things are (regardless of whether or not they partake in smoking while they are in a casino), there is one state that is trying to change things in regards to this policy.

Currently, there are two casinos in the state of Connecticut. At this time, smoking is completely legal within both of these casinos. However, while it will remain that way for the time being, that does not mean that it will stay that way permanently. The reason that I say this is a policy that could change is because there are people who are working extremely hard to change the way things work in terms of casino smoking.

One of the most vocal opponents of banning smoking in Connecticut casinos is the Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal. According to Blumenthal, nothing short of a complete ban will adequately protect public health. Keep in mind, both casinos currently offer smoke-free gaming and rooms, but neither of the casinos has felt that it is necessary to completely eliminate smoking from within their casinos.

Like most issues of this nature, there are people with all kinds of different opinions. Obviously, there are people who support Blumenthal and feel that a complete ban is a necessary solution. Then there are those who feel like taking away smoking would infringe on their rights while they are in the casino. The most interesting group are those people who don’t actually smoke, but feel that completing banning smoking is an unnecessary step.

The other important factor to take into consideration in relation to this issue is the impact that a smoking ban would have on the casinos and their business. According to an employee of the Connecticut Mohegan Sun, he does think that banning smoking would help clean up the casino air, but he also acknowledges that it would alienate customers and potentially have a negative impact on the casinos’ business.