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VIP Casino Going for Diversity in Online Casino Freeroll Offers

VIP Casino is a Cryptologic casino that has long been one of the biggest proponents of the online casino freeroll tournament structure. Usually, this structure has been applied to slot machines as those tend to be the most popular draws to the online casinos. That being said, VIP Casino has decided to change things up a bit for the current month, expressing its desire to try out some newer games within the online freeroll tournament format.

An example of such a game is the online video poker game that they are using to run freeroll tournaments for the month of May. Another example would be online casino craps, a game that has not been run for online casino tournaments that frequently before.

In particular the online craps game has some interesting applications towards the online freeroll tournament format. The reason for this is that there are so many different bets in craps that there are many strategies for a person to pursue. Someone that is ahead might prefer to go with the conservative betting strategy of the pass line in order to maintain their current stack while someone down in the dumps with nothing to lose might go for the bigger payout/lower odds bet in the hopes of striking it big with one or two lucky bets and getting back in the running.

However players choose to play the game, the online casino freeroll tournaments for craps will be run in a manner similar to the slot machine tournaments that are the norm at VIP Casino. The buy-in is nothing and all players that accept the tournament will get 500 play money chips that they can use to bet on the game. They have a full 10 minutes to bet, but they can finalize their chip stack before the 10 minutes are up if by looking at the leader board they feel that they are good in the current position. A total prize pool of $1000 has been added to this tournament and the person with the largest chip stack at the end of the tournament will win 40% of that purse.