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New Online Casino Games Available at Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino, owned by the company of the same name, is an online casino that is powered by the Wager Works software but at the same time has the ability to offer gaming action provided by other software companies through this software package. That is important because it is directly relevant to one new game they are offering this month that promises to be a hit.

The first game they are offering new this month is an online video slot machine called Play Your Cards Right. It was created by Fremantle based on the television show of the same name that asked you to predict whether each successive card would be higher or lower than the one before it. It works perfectly with the Wager Works software though and that is a good thing for fans of Virgin Casino.

The game itself has a very interesting engine that revolves around the appearance of red card and blue card symbols on the reels. That is because there is a potential bonus jackpot meter that money gets added to every time one of these symbols appears on the reels. Then, later on, when the double chance symbols appear in triplicate or more during a specific spin, the bonus game starts and each jackpot is played for starting with the larger and going to the smaller.

The bonus game works exactly like the television show. If you can get from one end of the card row to the other, you get the jackpot. If you can’t, you lose and get a chance at the smaller jackpot. There is also a larger bonus game with more money and more card rows involved when the grand final symbols appear in triplicate as opposed to the double chance symbols.

Although Play Your Cards Right is definitely the game more likely to draw attention of the two, it is important not to forget the instant play Casino Dice game. Two dice are rolled and the goal of the player is to get the rolled number right. There are exotic bets and Let It Ride wagers available as well, so the game can become a lot more interesting than you might at first think.