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Vegas Technology Releases New Slot Machines

In a move that has made them for the moment the current beacon of being prolific in the world of online casino gaming, Vegas Technology has decided to release four new slot machines to their online casinos. Although they are a newer brand, Vegas Technology does have some easily recognizable online casinos under their banner such as VIP Slots Casino.

Speaking of slot machines, all four of the new ones released by Vegas Technology are consistent with the five reel video slot machine format that has really become the established format for the vast majority of online slot machine releases. In spite of that commonality, the unique themes of all four slot machines are easy to distinguish from one another.

The first slot machine to be released by Vegas Technology is the Butterflies online video slot machine. This theme represents the life cycle of the magnificent insect starting with the caterpillar stage, going to the cocoon and eventually ending in a beautiful butterfly. The graphics are nice, but the 7000 coin jackpot that this slot machine comes with is even nicer than the theme.

The second slot machine to come out from Vegas Technology is the California Gold video slot machine. Like the name implies, this slot machine is all about the gold rush to California back in the day. As a result, it contains images of prospectors, barrels, wagon carts of gold, pick axes, dynamite and many of the other images from that period of time. It is also a game that features free spin action and triple the prize money if you win with a free spin roll.

Big Foot is the name of the third slot machine released by Vegas Technology and it is of course the journey to find the elusive Sasquatch or Yeti. Like California Gold, this game features free spin availability, although it can give you up to 20 at one time with a potential 10x multiplier depending on what happens in the game.

Rounding out the group of four new slots is the Jurassic Slots online video slot machine. As the name implies, this slot machine is all about dinosaurs and dinosaur hunters and can end up giving you a sweet amount of money if you play it just right.