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Iron Man 2 available From playtech

The Playtech Corporation has had a running agreement with Marvel Movies for quite some time now and because of that they have managed to develop many excellent online video slot machines. Many of these machines are available right now online at Playtech and Iron Man 2 is an example of the latest branded slot machine to be released.

Iron Man 2 is an online video slot machine with a decidedly progressive look and feel to how it works. This makes sense because as a branded slot machine of this nature it is actually connected right to the Marvel Jackpot that takes place on this particular network. This is a four-tier jackpot that continues to grow with time and because of that there have been some truly gigantic prizes won once all has been said and done.

Right now though, the Iron Man 2 slot machine is appealing to most people specifically because of the resemblance that it bears to the actual movie. The graphics are easily the best part of what is otherwise a very typical Playtech online video slot machine. It is often the case in today’s cookie-cutter numerical slot machine world that it is the theme that makes or breaks a particular machine and in the case of Iron Man 2 there is definitely a slot machine available to make everything better.

Tony Stark is of course one of the main characters in the movie and he appears here in his alter ego of Iron Man. Additionally, Natalie Rushman and Ivan Vanko make appearances on the reels of this branded online video slot machine. The American Eagle symbol is the next most prominent after these three which is certainly to be expected given the fact that Iron Man 2 has a plotline in which the US government features heavily.

Other symbols from the movies appear on the reels and these symbols will be easily recognizable to people that are fans of the movie. The fact that these symbols are so easily recognizable is definitely a testament to the good work that has been done by Playtech in bringing this slot machine forward.