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Traffic Spike on Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

Mega Moolah, as everyone knows, is the flagship progressive jackpot slot game at Microgaming online casinos. The game resets at $1 million, and it has paid over $6 million in a single hit in the past. Of late, it has been observed that the traffic at Mega Moolah has increased tremendously. In the past 5 days alone, the progressive jackpot amount has increased by over $60,000, hinting an increase of over $12,000 per day on an average. As of now, the progressive jackpot stands at $1.7 million. If the current increase in the traffic is to sustain, then in less than one month the jackpot will cross $2 million.

The increase in traffic is quite understandable, given the fact that the current value of the jackpot – at $1.7 million – is above the previous two hits of $1.2 million. Even though, the jackpot amount is still lesser than the average payout of $3.7 million, players are not patient enough to wait until the amount grows to that those levels.

Microgaming is quite sure about the popularity of Mega Moolah. This progressive slot was released as a standalone game in November 2006, but over the months a number of slots have been included in this network. The most attractive feature of these slots is the different themes on which the games are based upon. For example, if the first version was conceived on an African safari theme, Summertime was based on a beach holiday, and Isis based on the popular ancient Egyptian theme. Further, players who wager at any of these slots could win the same jackpot amount.

But the major draw of Mega Moolah is the four-tier jackpot. The progressive jackpot is hit in the bonus round, which is triggered randomly. In the bonus round, players spin a wheel of fortune, which comes to rest on one of the four colored bands. Each of the four bands represents one of the jackpots, meaning that players who reach up to this level could pocket one of the jackpots in any case. Further, higher is the jackpot level, the lesser will be the number of bands. On that scale, the largest jackpot level (Mega Progressive), has only 1 band out of a total of 20 bands.

Mega Moolah can be played at all Microgaming online casinos.