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Slot Machine Myths

We all have our quirks and habits when it comes to using techniques that can help us to win when it comes to slot machines. Although some players swear that these superstitions and techniques work, the truth is, they often have no merit in winning as slot machines are completely randomized and each spin is independent from one another.

Here are some of the most common slot machines myth, take these with a grain of salt:

If you warm up the coin the slot machine will respond differently and this will result in a win. This myth has also been associated with cold coins. Rather than winning with the hot coins, many players have found themselves with burns trying to heat up these coins. This is the reason that you see many players warming the coins between their fingers or between their hands, but it is a myth and has no merit!

If a machine has paid out, it is not scheduled to pay out to another player for a scheduled amount of time. This is not true. Each spin of the slot machine is completely randomized and each spin is independent of another, regardless of the outcome of the spin and the amount that has been won through the spin. Not only would this be unfair practice to players to schedule the wins, but it is also illegal! Let’s say this again, this is a myth and slot machines are completely random!

This ties into the next myth for casino slot machines. How many times have you been at the casino to see a person watching until someone has spent all of their money and has not seen a win and then swopping in to play on the slot machine hoping that because the person has spent their money in the machine without a payout, that the slot machine is going to create a win! As we have established, slot machines are completely random and a win could come at any time, this is sheer superstition.