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Silver Dollar Casino Making Case for Online Tournaments

Slots tournaments have been embraced as worthwhile by most of the online casinos out there, but the fact remains that people looking for tournaments across other disciplines will still be left out in the cold by many online casinos.

Silver Dollar Casino a long time ago noticed the plight of these people and that is why they have gone out of their way to create an excellent online casino experience for the average person looking for online casino tournaments outside of slot machines.

One example of such a tournament would be the online roulette tournaments that Silver Dollar Casino offers. These are tournaments that are held every single week and run for the entire week. It works on the leader board format and as players begin to win or lose money over the course of that time, they end up in a much better position than many of their peers. The winners all get prizes according to a pretty standard tournament prize structure and since the buy-in is only $5, these players have a chance to win a lot with a small investment. The winner will actually collect 40% of the entire prize pool, so there is the opportunity there for you to really get a great return on your investment.

Another tournament offered by Silver Dollar Casino is the blackjack tournament. There is a head-to-head version of the tournament and then there is the standard blackjack tournament that is offered as well for people that like to compete against the larger groups. The entry fee for these tournaments is $10 and no matter how many people sign up the tournament comes with a guaranteed prize pool worth $5000. The pool could be worth more than that, but it will never be worth less.

Finally, Silver Dollar casino also has video poker tournaments to go along with their roulette and blackjack offerings. All of these tournaments will continue to run until the end of January and they may even go on beyond that time. Anyone interested should contact Silver Dollar Casino or just sign up for a new player account.