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Real Time Gaming Jackpot Pool has fans Salivating

There are many different terms used in the online gambling community. Perhaps the most confusing one of them is jackpot pool. A lot of people think that the term jackpot pool refers to the entire jackpot of a particular slot machine. In actuality, the online world has been using it to refer to the entire value of jackpots available at all of the progressive slot machines from a single source. In other words, Microgaming has a jackpot pool. So does Playtech, Cryptologic and every other manufacturer of online slot machines.

At the current moment in time, the Real Time Gaming jackpot pool is absolutely fierce. As of the time of writing it was nearly $5.5 million. That amount of money represented a leap of nearly 100% over its closest competitor although naturally the number will be going down once some of those jackpots are won.

As for the competitors, at the current moment in time Microgaming and Vegas Technology share third spot with around $2.5 million in their jackpot pools. Ahead of them but only by a slight amount is Playtech which has a total jackpot pool of $3 million. Rounding out the top five is Cryptologic which at the moment boasts a jackpot pool worth $1 million.

Does this huge disparity of nearly $4 million between Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic mean that Real Time Gaming is a more generous organization than Cryptologic? It probably does not. In fact, many of the online slot machine creators these days have similar amounts of generosity when it comes to assigning bonuses to their slot machines.

What it actually means is that Real Time Gaming has gone a lot time without any significant jackpots. They have had some jackpots, but many of their big guns have been building up over the course of 12 months or even more in some cases. Without something to seriously halt the spread, those jackpots will continue to grow. Real Time Gaming having the most just means that their casinos have been lucky so far and not given away that many jackpots. One can expect that to change relatively soon.