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Microgaming Releases Slot and Video Poker Machines for September 2009

September is a busy month for online gambling usually and Microgaming has made sure that September 2009 is no exception to that rule. Specifically, they have done that by releasing four new games into the mix. The games consist of three online slot machines and one video poker machine, all of which will be available on September 1st in Microgaming casinos that have agreed to carry them.

Leading the way with the slot machines is Scoop the Cash. This is a video slot machine with five reels and twenty-five pay lines, making it in line with the typical Microgaming online video slot machine these days. In addition to that however, this game features a fun cash theme with the rich lifestyle figuring into all of the symbols on the reels. With bonus games and loads of different ways to multiply your winnings available, this does promise to become a popular mainstay of the Microgaming line-up before too long.

Lumber Cats is next on the list. This is an online video slot machine from Microgaming that features five reels and 20 pay lines. While it has fewer pay lines than Scoop the Cash, 20 is still considered to be within the average range for Microgaming releases. The symbols on the reels have to do with wood. This starts with trees and works its way into log cabins. With multiple bonus options also available, this Microgaming slot machine will definitely be popular amongst many people.

Jewels of the Orient is the final Microgaming slot machine. With images of Geishas, beautiful Indian mistresses and beautiful jewelry, this slot machine is one that’ll hold your attention for quite some time. It comes with five reels and just nine pay lines, but it makes up for it by having minimum five figure coin payouts on anything big that you hit.

In addition to these slot machines, Microgaming has also released Double Joker Level Up Video Poker. It has a 54-card deck and puts a few new spins on the game of Double Joker Video Poker. In order to find out exactly what this game has to offer though, you’ll need to visit a Microgaming casino in order to check it out for yourself.

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Wealth Spa Introduces Groundbreaking Bonus Activation Structure

Microgaming has long been known as one of the more innovative online slot machine companies, a fact that has been brought home time and time again by the large numbers of new and unique games that they have been able to bring to market each and every month. Every now and then they even surprise their own followers however and this is exactly what has happened with Wealth Spa.

Originally, bonus games with video slot machines were triggered with specific combinations of symbols appearing on the reels. When Microgaming released Mega Moolah in the middle of this decade, the bonus game was revamped to make it fit in better with the progressive video slot machine structure. In that slot machine and in all of the others in its product line that have come along since, the bonus game is activated randomly rather than with different symbol combinations.

Now, Microgaming has taken their video slot machine bonus gaming to a totally different level with the purchase bonus game option. In the video slot machine Wealth Spa that has just been released by Microgaming, there are five different bonus games. They are the smoothie bonus game, the hot stone bonus game, the body wax bonus game, the bath oil bonus game and the massage bonus game. The smoothie bonus game costs one coin to purchase and so on up to the massage bonus game which costs five coins.

How do you collect coins? The token is a symbol that will appear randomly on the fifth reel, giving you one coin when it appears. You can choose to spend the coins you have right now for a bonus game or you can wait for other coins. The massage bonus is automatically triggered when you get to five coins. With higher games being worth more in bonus amounts, the decision rests squarely with you as to whether you want your short term or long term feelings to prevail. It adds a completely new tactical element to online video slot machines and for that reason certainly has the ability to make even the most experienced slot veteran feel new and excited once more.

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Autumn Tournament at Commerce Casino to bring new Thrills

The Commerce Casino was looking for something to host in order to allow its fall schedule to not go underutilized. When the California State Poker Championship moved up to May in this Los Angeles-based casino, it left the fall schedule at the Commerce Casino wide open. Since the Commerce Casino is the employer of legendary tournament director Matt Savage, one had an inkling right from the very start that something exciting was being planned in order to make up for the gap in the events schedule that the Commerce had been dealing with.

The end result was the Commerce Casino Hold ‘Em Series. This innovative new tournament series will start on September 10th and end on September 25th. In between, a number of tournaments will be run; sixteen in total. What is interesting about this series however is not so much the fact that there are tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $220 all the way up to $2500 for the final championship event, but rather the fact that a number of innovative new formats will be tried out during the series. Two in particular demand closer attention.

The first is the $220 No Limit Hold ‘Em Tournament. This tournament will take place over the course of four days and will have a guaranteed prize pool of at least $500,000. There are going to be three day ones in the tournament and a final day in which all of the remaining survivors from the first three days of action will sit down in the same room and then duke it out for their share of the prize pool.

What makes this tournament so interesting is the fact that it is a partial re-buy tournament. Normal re-buy rules do not apply, but a player knocked out on Day 1A does have the option to buy-in on Day 1B for a second shot at the prize pool. That same player can also buy-in a third time on Day 1C if they wish. Similarly, players knocked out on Day 1B can buy-in a second time on Day 1C.

In addition to this, the series will also have an Ironman tournament. There are no breaks and no deals allowed at the final table. If you want to see poker survival at its most raw, this is definitely the tournament to check out.

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Real Time Gaming Jackpot Pool has fans Salivating

There are many different terms used in the online gambling community. Perhaps the most confusing one of them is jackpot pool. A lot of people think that the term jackpot pool refers to the entire jackpot of a particular slot machine. In actuality, the online world has been using it to refer to the entire value of jackpots available at all of the progressive slot machines from a single source. In other words, Microgaming has a jackpot pool. So does Playtech, Cryptologic and every other manufacturer of online slot machines.

At the current moment in time, the Real Time Gaming jackpot pool is absolutely fierce. As of the time of writing it was nearly $5.5 million. That amount of money represented a leap of nearly 100% over its closest competitor although naturally the number will be going down once some of those jackpots are won.

As for the competitors, at the current moment in time Microgaming and Vegas Technology share third spot with around $2.5 million in their jackpot pools. Ahead of them but only by a slight amount is Playtech which has a total jackpot pool of $3 million. Rounding out the top five is Cryptologic which at the moment boasts a jackpot pool worth $1 million.

Does this huge disparity of nearly $4 million between Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic mean that Real Time Gaming is a more generous organization than Cryptologic? It probably does not. In fact, many of the online slot machine creators these days have similar amounts of generosity when it comes to assigning bonuses to their slot machines.

What it actually means is that Real Time Gaming has gone a lot time without any significant jackpots. They have had some jackpots, but many of their big guns have been building up over the course of 12 months or even more in some cases. Without something to seriously halt the spread, those jackpots will continue to grow. Real Time Gaming having the most just means that their casinos have been lucky so far and not given away that many jackpots. One can expect that to change relatively soon.

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InterCasino and Their Tailor Made Promotions

InterCasino has not really been an online gambling institution viewed for its generous promotions most of the time. That having been said, their most recent promotion is an idea that is as bold as it is interesting. It might even bring many players back to play at InterCasino every month if they are the players that could benefit greatly from the new promotional scheme that this online gambling operation has going.

The scheme is called My Cash Rewards and it basically revolves around the idea that players should be able to choose a bonus that is tailor made for their own preferences. If players do not have the ability to choose a bonus, they will get stuck with a bonus that they might not like and that is by no means the moral thing to do in this situation. Because of this attitude, InterCasino has made a lot of friends amongst players that had not played at their online casino website for quite some time.

Essentially, My Cash Rewards will play out in a different way each month. Every e-mail address that has a registered account with InterCasino will get mailed the bonus amounts. The bonus will consist of three different offers. One offer will be based on slot machines for clearance. One will be based on table games. The third will be based on blackjack. Once these offers have been sent out, the player can then pick the one they feel is best for them and pursue that particular bonus for the month.

According to InterCasino, My Cash Rewards is going to be around every single month for the rest of the life of the online casino. For that reason, InterCasino expects to have many people coming back to play at their online casino every single month. If the bonus offers are actually any good, this might very well be a reasonable expectation on their part.

My Cash Rewards at InterCasino will join their Cashback Club promotion. This promotion is already available for players at InterCasino based on the amount of wagering that they do at the InterCasino tables.

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Cryptologic Unveils New Slot Machines

Cryptologic has for awhile now been one of the leading brand names of online slot machines. Most recently, they have released four different slot machines into the marketplace. The slot machines are typical of the great work of Cryptologic over the years.

Street Fighter IV is a relatively explanatory game and will go along with the other brand name games that Cryptologic has made over the years. It is actually an upgrade of a previous game with an introductory screen that is absolutely amazing. Whether it is the graphics or the game play, the main thing to like about this particular slot machine is that it is really an action slot machine and therefore does justice to the game.

Cleo Queen of Egypt is the next game in their list of releases. This is a game that takes you back to Ancient Egypt and for that reason has a theme that is somewhat tired by now. Cryptologic claims that this is a completely new way of doing slot machines because of the nine-jackpot potential that it has, but viewers will have to play the game in order to make that judgement for themselves.

Area 21 is third up on the list and as the name of the game strongly implies, this game is about outer space. Aliens and spaceships and the vast void of space are what this game is about. It is a standard aliens slot machine and that is therefore something that will be of interest to people that enjoy that particular gaming genre.

Savannah Sunrise is the final game and represents a Cryptologic foray into the unknown in more ways than one. It is the first all ways slot machine that Cryptologic has brought to market. There are no pay lines, but there are indeed selections that you can make before spinning. You can call the active reels beforehand, introducing a strategic element into the game.

These four games collectively represent the new Cryptologic offerings. And all indications are that fans have received them well, allowing Cryptologic to keep up their high delivery standards for one more cycle.

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Four New Online Slot Games from Microgaming on this August

Here is a preview of the latest Microgaming releases, to hit the web come this August 2009!

Get Rocked

The first one, ‘Get Rocked’, really rocks the scene. In essence, this 5 reel 30 pay line slot game had succeeded in capturing online the real energy and magic of rock’n’roll concerts. The backdrop of the reels and the setting of the bonus game on the second screen really lead to a true rock concert experience. So have your speakers turn on to its optimal volume, if to enjoy the whole thing. The scatter symbol is the Stage, and it triggers free spins. The Singer symbol, appearing simultaneously on reels 2 and 4 triggers Solo Pick and Win, the bonus game. Here, the player has to pick one musician from five; the musician selected then plays a solo tune and following that, bonus credits are awarded. In this game, players can wager as much as 10 coins per line.

Silver Fang

The preview of the second release, ‘Silver Fang’ says “the ambiance may be cold enough to make the breath turn to mist, but the reels are hot in this game”, and it is true on all counts. The roaming wolf theme, plus the wolf’s paw print on the snow and the wolf itself could send a chill down the player’s spine; but the high value payouts offsets the fear factor. A potential mix of the right wager and some luck could make one richer by a 125,000 coins payout. This game has 50 pay lines, not to mention the five scatter symbols that offer a free spins round with a 50x multiplier.

Wealth Spa

The third one ‘Wealth Spa’ is a slot game wherein fruits and salads mix with saunas, Jacuzzis, and massages on the reels. Depending on the number of gold coins they accumulate, players can choose from the five bonus rounds available. Fitting to its spa theme, the bonus games bear spa specific names such as smoothie bonus, body wax bonus, hot stone bonus, bath oil bonus and massage bonus. Bonus games offer free spins/bonus credits.


The final slot game to make a grand release next month is the fourth Mega Moolah slot game from Microgaming stable, named Isis. It is based on the popular theme of Egyptian mythology. For gambling lovers, four progressive jackpots lie in waiting for prospective winners. Further, if they manage to hit the white band, it will lead them to a multi million plus jackpot. Apart from the jackpots, Isis also includes free spins with very generous payouts.

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August Microgaming Preview Released

Microgaming is easily the most prolific casino software designer out there and can always be counted upon for interesting new slot machine releases with every passing month. For August, sources at Microgaming have not only revealed that there are going to be four new slot machines coming out onto the market, but have also leaked some of the basic details regarding each of the new slot machines.

Mega Moolah is going to get its fourth instalment in August, a piece of news that should certainly be welcome to people that have followed and loved this particular video slot gaming series from the start. It is called Isis and as the name implies it has a theme that is all about the treasures of Ancient Egypt. This is a five reel video slot machine with some very clean lines in rendering. To show that it is indeed a Mega Moolah slot machine, it is part of the million dollar progressive jackpots that this series is known for.

Next on the list is Wealth Spa, an online slot machine that should definitely appeal to a lot of the women gamers out there. This slot machine, which also has five reels, takes us through the journey of a day at an expensive spa. Massages, gold credit cards, natural facial masks and just about everything else comfortable and amazing about a spa has found its way into this specific online slot machine.

Silver Fang is arguably the most interesting from the point of view of the theme as it is an homage to a great novel that many of us read growing up. It has pictures of wolves, paw prints and things that wolves would hunt for food. Anyone that was a Jack London fan should definitely appreciate this particular online video slot machine.

Last but certainly not least is another five reel slot machine known as Get Rocked. As the name of the slot machine implies, the theme here is nothing but rock and roll. If you love rock and roll, you are most definitely going to love all of the great symbols that are waiting for you on the reels of this slot machine.

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Psychedelic Sixties is the Latest I-Slot from Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming has been making a rather large name for itself in the field of the online slot machine. They have done it by creating high quality slot machine content that people absolutely have to play. Animations, great graphics, interesting plotlines and of course the amazingly realistic and addictive i-slot have all been elements in the eventual triumph of the Rival Gaming brand in the overall slot machine marketplace.

Their latest release is another i-slot, except this one is known as Psychedelic Sixties. As the name of the slot machine implies, this slot machine is all about the hippies and the sixties. The sixties were a time of great political strife all around the world, but nowhere was that culture war felt more than it was within the United States. The United States was a place of constant political turmoil as the hippy movement reached its peak and many of the younger generation were swept up in the fun of it all. Sex, drugs and rock and roll were what it was all about and it is that particular cultural movement that this particular slot machine is attempting to pay homage to.

There are many great symbols available on the reels to help it achieve this goal. A Volkswagen Bus is a good example of such a symbol, representing the bonus that you will find on the reels. Of course, the bonus rounds are quite amazing as well as one would expect from the i-slot franchise. Other symbols on these reels include motorcycles, hearts, flowers, crosses, lava lamps, drums, smiley and the symbol for peace. Of course, it would not be an homage game without several hippy sprites as well, so you will see a few of those in both genders available on the reels as well.

At the same time that this slot machine is attempting to do something new with the symbols, it is also doing something rather old with the numbers. With five reels and twenty pay lines, anyone will be able to quickly get the hang of how this slot machine works. Rival Gaming is counting on it, as one would think that they hope this homage will bring out the inner hippy in many and get them to play this slot machine for a reasonable amount of time.

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Summer time to continue Mega Moolah Series

Online slot machines are perhaps not the most loyalty inspiring games in the world. They’re certainly not like sports where teams have huge amounts of fan loyalty and while there are people that tend to stick with the same online slot machine for a long period of time, the vast number of new slot machines that come onto the market each year essentially means that very few slot machines are able to have large followings beyond a few months after their creation.

In order to combat this arguably systemic problem with many online slot machines, the Microgaming Corporation has stepped forward with the idea of series. A series is a number of different slot machines released in succession, with each new online slot machine in the series stepping in to pick up the slack left by the waning popularity of its predecessor. Of the slot machines that have been created in series, perhaps the most popular series that Microgaming has come up with is the Mega Moolah series. Summertime is the third slot machine in that series and it is being created with the intention of keeping Mega Moolah fans interested in the series while at the same time giving them something new to look forward to.

The artwork in Summertime is simply fantastic and that is certainly one of the main reasons that this machine has been able to attract the same viewership of people that liked Mega Moolah and African Safari, the two previous games in this particular series. With delicious fruits, beautiful landscapes and twinkling jewels, Summertime is a slot machine that definitely has the potential to take the Mega Moolah series to the next level of popularity.

There are also some new ideas incorporated into Summertime, such as the ability to land a jackpot through spinning the jackpot wheel. Landing on a red square on the spin will result in a mini jackpot, landing on an orange square will bring a minor jackpot, landing on a yellow square will result in a major jackpot and landing on the one white square will bring the Mega Moolah jackpot that forms the basis for the name of this series.