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New Cryptologic Blackjack Variants

In the last week of March, Cryptologic has introduced three new variants of blackjack, each having something exciting of its own to offer to the players.

The first variant is named the ‘Euro 2 Deck Blackjack’. As the term itself suggests, this variant is played using two decks of cards, and in this game, the dealer is not dealt a hole card according to the typical European practice. Further, the players can play up to five hands, making the game a lot more exciting. Other notable rules include the dealer stands on soft 17 or higher; the player may double on any dealt cards; split aces receive only one card on each ace, and the player cannot hit on a soft total of 21.

The second blackjack variant introduced is a new version of Progressive Atlantic City Blackjack. This game goes in an American way, in which the dealer gets the hole card. Another interesting feature of this new variant is the progressive jackpot. Players can place a $1/hand progressive wager that pays out as per the payout table. The fixed payout is as follows: two unsuited aces pay $25; two suited aces pay $100, three unsuited aces pay $250; four unsuited aces pay $1,500 and three suited aces pay $2,500. Four black aces or four red aces means jackpot, which starts at a moderately higher $50,000.

As with Euro 2 Deck, this variant as well lets players play up to five hands. Other rules are the dealer peeks for blackjack; the dealer stands on soft 17; only one split is allowed; the player can double on any dealt cards, and the dealer can double after a split. This version is played with eight decks of cards, each being shuffled after each hand. Cryptologic introduces the new game with features such as player-protective hand warnings, three game speeds, and of course, enhanced graphics and sound effects.

The third one is a new version of Single Deck Blackjack. Since the house edge dips with the number of decks used, this game is quite popular amongst players. The game has the following rules: the dealer stands on hard 17 or higher; split aces receive only one card on each ace; the player cannot re-split aces and an ace, and a 10 value card following a split is not considered a blackjack. The American way of dealing hole card is followed here as well, and the minimum bet is $25.00/hand. This game is only available in single player version.