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New and Old Players to Draw Bonuses from InterCasino

InterCasino is a particular breed of cat when it comes to the online casino marketplace. They have long been thought of as being on the cutting edge of innovation in the online casino marketplace. While their current new bonus offering is not particularly innovative, it is nevertheless quite impressive to behold.

For new players, the new InterCasino bonus system allows for obtaining multiple bonuses in the same month. During the month of September, new players that sign up at InterCasino will be given the chance to get as many bonuses as they want.

The first bonus that they get will require a minimum deposit of $10 and is worth a bonus amount of 100% up to $225 for slot machine wagering or 100% up to $100 for table game wagering. Once the player has gone through that bonus, they may redeposit a second time for a 50% up to $100 bonus. The third bonus of the month will be worth 25% up to $200 and each bonus after that is worth 10% up to $300. There is no limit to the number of bonuses a new player can take during the month of September, but afterwards things will be back to normal at InterCasino.

Any existing players that would like to get in on the bonus extravaganza during the month of September will have a different route to take in order to get there. Bonuses will be offered to players that already have InterCasino accounts through e-mail. One bonus will be for slots, one bonus will be for table games and one bonus will be for blackjack in terms of the wagering requirements. An existing player simply picks one of these bonuses and is then off to clear their September add-on bonus.

Overall, this bonus ranks amongst some of the better promotional offers available online today. This is especially true for new players since they have the ability to use the offer as many times as they’d like to over the course of the same 30-day span. For both new and old players alike however, September will be a fun month at InterCasino.