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InterCasino and Their Tailor Made Promotions

InterCasino has not really been an online gambling institution viewed for its generous promotions most of the time. That having been said, their most recent promotion is an idea that is as bold as it is interesting. It might even bring many players back to play at InterCasino every month if they are the players that could benefit greatly from the new promotional scheme that this online gambling operation has going.

The scheme is called My Cash Rewards and it basically revolves around the idea that players should be able to choose a bonus that is tailor made for their own preferences. If players do not have the ability to choose a bonus, they will get stuck with a bonus that they might not like and that is by no means the moral thing to do in this situation. Because of this attitude, InterCasino has made a lot of friends amongst players that had not played at their online casino website for quite some time.

Essentially, My Cash Rewards will play out in a different way each month. Every e-mail address that has a registered account with InterCasino will get mailed the bonus amounts. The bonus will consist of three different offers. One offer will be based on slot machines for clearance. One will be based on table games. The third will be based on blackjack. Once these offers have been sent out, the player can then pick the one they feel is best for them and pursue that particular bonus for the month.

According to InterCasino, My Cash Rewards is going to be around every single month for the rest of the life of the online casino. For that reason, InterCasino expects to have many people coming back to play at their online casino every single month. If the bonus offers are actually any good, this might very well be a reasonable expectation on their part.

My Cash Rewards at InterCasino will join their Cashback Club promotion. This promotion is already available for players at InterCasino based on the amount of wagering that they do at the InterCasino tables.