Slots Tips and Strategy

How to Beat the Slots

Beating the slots can be as simple as knowing the rules when it comes to using slot machines. Although there are very few techniques that have been developed that have been used to “beat” the slot machines, players can benefit from learning information about the slot machine that they are putting their money into.

Learn the payout percentages of the slot machine. Many people have not heard about payout percentages, and therefore aren’t even sure where to find this information or how it can help the player. Payout percentages are the percentage of money that the casino will pay back as winnings, from the amount that has been deposited into the machine. Most casinos offer a payout percentage between 80-95% and therefore, slot machines with a higher payout percentage are going to seem “looser” with more payouts occurring.

Understand the pay table. The pay table will determine the amount of money that is paid for each combination. This pay table may change depending on the amount of coins which are played through each spin, as the higher the bet that occurs with the spin the higher the win for the player.

Play for the jackpot bonuses. If you are playing at a slot machine that offers a jackpot bonus, it is important for players to realize that in most cases, this bonus will not be paid unless the highest amount has been bet through the casino. Therefore, if you are playing on a progressive machine but are not making the maximum bet, the casino will not pay the jackpot bonus. There have been numerous consumers at many consumers that have thought they have won this bonus, but they failed to bet the maximum amount of coins. Taking advantage of this can increased your potential winnings.

Playing the same slot machine for the entire trip is not feasible in most cases; therefore, many players experience success in the “hit and win” strategy in which the casino slot machine is left once a jackpot has been hit. This can help to mix up the playing strategy and help the player to win more.