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English Harbour Casino Introduces January Tournament

English Harbour Casino has always been good for monthly tournaments on slot machines that its players love. January is no exception to that rule as even though the calendar year might have changed, the attitude of the casino to give money away to its players is still there.

Another thing that is still there is the weather. January may be the first month in a New Year, but the fact of the matter is that for many parts of the world it is still cold and snowing outside. In order to commemorate that fact, English Harbour Casino’s January slot machine tournament will be called Cool Winnings and will be played on their Winter Wonderland online video slot machine.

The English Harbour Casino Cool Winnings tournament is definitely one that slot machine fanatics should check out because it does have a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 attached to it. In addition to that impressive guaranteed prize pool, Cool Winnings comes with a top prize of $50,000. For the player that is able to outlast all others, half of the prize pool is available. The runner up will also get an impressive prize amount of $20,000.

Of course, those heavy top prizes do come at the expense of prize money for players below them. In total, 275 prizes will be given out in this tournament that will run with a leader board all the way through to the end of January. The last 125 players on that list will each get prizes of $10, something that will only pay for their initial buy-in of the same amount. Any player making one of those spots with a rebuy that is also worth $10 will lose money even by cashing in this tournament.

Even though that is a true fact, many players will still be attracted to this tournament by the promise of winning that prize money. After all, winning $50,000 will be a great way to start off a 2010 year that is still wintery, cold and miserable in many of the countries that are represented by players at English Harbour Casino.