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Cryptologic Unveils New Slot Machines

Cryptologic has for awhile now been one of the leading brand names of online slot machines. Most recently, they have released four different slot machines into the marketplace. The slot machines are typical of the great work of Cryptologic over the years.

Street Fighter IV is a relatively explanatory game and will go along with the other brand name games that Cryptologic has made over the years. It is actually an upgrade of a previous game with an introductory screen that is absolutely amazing. Whether it is the graphics or the game play, the main thing to like about this particular slot machine is that it is really an action slot machine and therefore does justice to the game.

Cleo Queen of Egypt is the next game in their list of releases. This is a game that takes you back to Ancient Egypt and for that reason has a theme that is somewhat tired by now. Cryptologic claims that this is a completely new way of doing slot machines because of the nine-jackpot potential that it has, but viewers will have to play the game in order to make that judgement for themselves.

Area 21 is third up on the list and as the name of the game strongly implies, this game is about outer space. Aliens and spaceships and the vast void of space are what this game is about. It is a standard aliens slot machine and that is therefore something that will be of interest to people that enjoy that particular gaming genre.

Savannah Sunrise is the final game and represents a Cryptologic foray into the unknown in more ways than one. It is the first all ways slot machine that Cryptologic has brought to market. There are no pay lines, but there are indeed selections that you can make before spinning. You can call the active reels beforehand, introducing a strategic element into the game.

These four games collectively represent the new Cryptologic offerings. And all indications are that fans have received them well, allowing Cryptologic to keep up their high delivery standards for one more cycle.