Slots Tips and Strategy

How to Develop a Slots Strategy at the Casino

Developing your own personal slots strategy for an online casino is an essential part of the game for many players. After all, most players are playing to win, rather than playing for fun – most players are determined to develop some sort of strategy that can help the player to gain back the money which has been lost or to walk away from the casino with some profits. Through this process, slot machine strategies have been developed, some that work and some that don’t. Here are some tips that can work for you when it comes to developing a slot machine strategy.

Slots strategies have been developed based on the location of the slot machine. To adhere to this strategy it is important to pay attention where the slot machine is located. The “loosest” slot machines have been determined as those being closest to change machines, or near cafes as well as those that are on elevated carousels within the casino. Where have you experienced the most wins? Consider this information when developing your slot strategy.

Have an hourly limit that takes into account the size of the bankroll as well as the time which is going to be spent at the casino. This will give you a number which should be spent, per hour to ensure that you are going to get to the end of the day before you get to the end of the money. Staying within this limit means that you could create a potential profit or that the number can recalculated if profits are factored into the bankroll.

Leave while you are ahead. How many times have you been playing at a slot machine and been ahead and then it seems immediately like you are down? Playing this way is irresponsible and it is the opinion of most experts that you should leave a machine while you are ahead or if you have just won a jackpot at that machine. This can make game play more interesting and is a great way to mix it up a little while staying ahead. Begin with the same amount that you have in the past at the next machine for the best results.

Slots Tips and Strategy

Slot Machine Myths

We all have our quirks and habits when it comes to using techniques that can help us to win when it comes to slot machines. Although some players swear that these superstitions and techniques work, the truth is, they often have no merit in winning as slot machines are completely randomized and each spin is independent from one another.

Here are some of the most common slot machines myth, take these with a grain of salt:

If you warm up the coin the slot machine will respond differently and this will result in a win. This myth has also been associated with cold coins. Rather than winning with the hot coins, many players have found themselves with burns trying to heat up these coins. This is the reason that you see many players warming the coins between their fingers or between their hands, but it is a myth and has no merit!

If a machine has paid out, it is not scheduled to pay out to another player for a scheduled amount of time. This is not true. Each spin of the slot machine is completely randomized and each spin is independent of another, regardless of the outcome of the spin and the amount that has been won through the spin. Not only would this be unfair practice to players to schedule the wins, but it is also illegal! Let’s say this again, this is a myth and slot machines are completely random!

This ties into the next myth for casino slot machines. How many times have you been at the casino to see a person watching until someone has spent all of their money and has not seen a win and then swopping in to play on the slot machine hoping that because the person has spent their money in the machine without a payout, that the slot machine is going to create a win! As we have established, slot machines are completely random and a win could come at any time, this is sheer superstition.

Slots Tips and Strategy

How to Beat the Slots

Beating the slots can be as simple as knowing the rules when it comes to using slot machines. Although there are very few techniques that have been developed that have been used to “beat” the slot machines, players can benefit from learning information about the slot machine that they are putting their money into.

Learn the payout percentages of the slot machine. Many people have not heard about payout percentages, and therefore aren’t even sure where to find this information or how it can help the player. Payout percentages are the percentage of money that the casino will pay back as winnings, from the amount that has been deposited into the machine. Most casinos offer a payout percentage between 80-95% and therefore, slot machines with a higher payout percentage are going to seem “looser” with more payouts occurring.

Understand the pay table. The pay table will determine the amount of money that is paid for each combination. This pay table may change depending on the amount of coins which are played through each spin, as the higher the bet that occurs with the spin the higher the win for the player.

Play for the jackpot bonuses. If you are playing at a slot machine that offers a jackpot bonus, it is important for players to realize that in most cases, this bonus will not be paid unless the highest amount has been bet through the casino. Therefore, if you are playing on a progressive machine but are not making the maximum bet, the casino will not pay the jackpot bonus. There have been numerous consumers at many consumers that have thought they have won this bonus, but they failed to bet the maximum amount of coins. Taking advantage of this can increased your potential winnings.

Playing the same slot machine for the entire trip is not feasible in most cases; therefore, many players experience success in the “hit and win” strategy in which the casino slot machine is left once a jackpot has been hit. This can help to mix up the playing strategy and help the player to win more.

Casino News

New Cryptologic Blackjack Variants

In the last week of March, Cryptologic has introduced three new variants of blackjack, each having something exciting of its own to offer to the players.

The first variant is named the ‘Euro 2 Deck Blackjack’. As the term itself suggests, this variant is played using two decks of cards, and in this game, the dealer is not dealt a hole card according to the typical European practice. Further, the players can play up to five hands, making the game a lot more exciting. Other notable rules include the dealer stands on soft 17 or higher; the player may double on any dealt cards; split aces receive only one card on each ace, and the player cannot hit on a soft total of 21.

The second blackjack variant introduced is a new version of Progressive Atlantic City Blackjack. This game goes in an American way, in which the dealer gets the hole card. Another interesting feature of this new variant is the progressive jackpot. Players can place a $1/hand progressive wager that pays out as per the payout table. The fixed payout is as follows: two unsuited aces pay $25; two suited aces pay $100, three unsuited aces pay $250; four unsuited aces pay $1,500 and three suited aces pay $2,500. Four black aces or four red aces means jackpot, which starts at a moderately higher $50,000.

As with Euro 2 Deck, this variant as well lets players play up to five hands. Other rules are the dealer peeks for blackjack; the dealer stands on soft 17; only one split is allowed; the player can double on any dealt cards, and the dealer can double after a split. This version is played with eight decks of cards, each being shuffled after each hand. Cryptologic introduces the new game with features such as player-protective hand warnings, three game speeds, and of course, enhanced graphics and sound effects.

The third one is a new version of Single Deck Blackjack. Since the house edge dips with the number of decks used, this game is quite popular amongst players. The game has the following rules: the dealer stands on hard 17 or higher; split aces receive only one card on each ace; the player cannot re-split aces and an ace, and a 10 value card following a split is not considered a blackjack. The American way of dealing hole card is followed here as well, and the minimum bet is $25.00/hand. This game is only available in single player version.

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Dennis Rodman Basketball Slots Game

World over, it is basketball fever now! People are glued to their television sets, watching their favorite team’s fortunes in the NBA basketball league. So, why not take this basketball frenzy into your casino games as well? There are two casino slots games based on the basketball legend, Dennis Rodman, the winner of five NBA championships between 1989 and 1998. Throughout his professional career, Rodman has played for several top teams, even though towards the fag end of his stint, he had developed a bad boy image, inviting nick names such as ‘the Menace’ and ‘the Worm’ from his fans.

The first one, titled ‘Dennis Rodman’ was released by Playtech in 2006. It is a five reel, 20 pay line slot game with 37 winning combinations. The coin denominations vary from $0.01 to $5.00, and the player could wager up to 10 coins per pay line. The reel symbols portray the much publicized eccentricities of Rodman such as Rodman in a bridal dress, him with his face painted white and red hair and Rodman with rainbow dyed hair. A basketball signed by him, and his painted sports car are other symbols on the reels. The red hair symbol has the largest of the payouts of 10,000 coins, if five of those symbols appear simultaneously on an active pay line. In fact, it is also the Wild symbol. The painted car is the Scatter symbol that leads to a potential scatter pay out to the players. That is, three or more scatter symbols activate the free spins bonus round, wherein the player gets 10 free spins. Finally, Basketball is the bonus symbol, and getting three or more of it on any active pay line activate the bonus game on the second screen. In the bonus game, the player has to pick a designated number of basketballs, from the choice of basketballs given, and wins the hidden credits each one of them has.

The second slot game is titled “Dennis Rodman The Worm’s World”. As mentioned earlier, ‘worm’ is the nickname of Rodman. Developed by Vegas Technology and released in January 2008, it is a five reel 20 pay line slot that offers 34 winning combinations. The coin denominations range from $0.01 to $10.00. The players could wager up to 10 coins per pay line. Interestingly, the game symbols on the reels are quite similar to those of the Playtech version. However, the Wild symbol is the wedding dress. As in the Playtech game, the Scatter symbol as well as the bonus symbol here as well is the car and the basketball respectively. Three or more scatter symbols appearing on the reels ensure 15 free spins with tripled payouts to the players, while getting the bonus symbols simultaneously on reels 2 and 4 activates the bonus game on the second screen. Unlike the Playtech version, here Rodman himself shoots basketballs for the players.

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Cryptologic join hands with Paramount Digital Entertainment

This year, online Cryptologic casinos such as VIP Casino and InterCasino will have slot games, based on characters from the popular Paramount movies, thanks to a multi year agreement signed between the casino majors and Paramount Digital Entertainment. Some of the terms of this agreement were released by Cryptologic on March 17.

As per the contract, Cryptologic will have the rights to develop and offer online slot games, based on the characters from over 20 Paramount movies, that include Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Beowulf, Beverly Hills Cop, Ferris Bueller and Ghost, to name a few. This would help Cryptologic to have more games based on the movie theme. At present, it has few such as the Movie Mayhem series, Fantasy Realm based on mystic movies, Silent Screen that takes one to the 1920s, and the Sunday Afternoon classics.

CryptoLogic’s president and CEO, Brian Hadfield, described the deal as between leaders in their respective fields. He said, “Paramount Pictures boasts an extensive catalogue of classic and new releases, and Cryptologic makes the world’s best branded Internet casino games.” He further added that branded games will drive the online casino revenue up, and hoped that the present deal will catapult Cryptologic to an unassailable position in the slot game arena. Returning complements, Vice President Interactive Licensing Paramount Digital Entertainment Luke Letizia stated in his release that online gaming industry is a suitable new platform for the Paramount brand. He exuded confidence that Cryptologic games will be at par in terms of quality and caliber that of Paramount.

Cryptologic was desperate to forge new partnerships, especially since they lost their exclusive standing with Marvel Comics recently. Marvel had entered into a deal with Playtech, Cryptologic’s main rival in the online casino domain, enabling them make online slot games based on Marvel Comic’s characters. With the new deal, Cryptologic is confident about gaining the lost ground, and give their competitors a run for their bucks.

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Gambling Without Smoking?

As anyone who has gone to casinos knows, smoking is just part of the atmosphere. Whether you are a regular smoker, only like to smoke when you are out at a place like a casino or don’t smoke at all, when you go inside of a casino, you can almost always expect to smell smoke and have people around you who are smoking. While the majority of people just accept this as the way things are (regardless of whether or not they partake in smoking while they are in a casino), there is one state that is trying to change things in regards to this policy.

Currently, there are two casinos in the state of Connecticut. At this time, smoking is completely legal within both of these casinos. However, while it will remain that way for the time being, that does not mean that it will stay that way permanently. The reason that I say this is a policy that could change is because there are people who are working extremely hard to change the way things work in terms of casino smoking.

One of the most vocal opponents of banning smoking in Connecticut casinos is the Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal. According to Blumenthal, nothing short of a complete ban will adequately protect public health. Keep in mind, both casinos currently offer smoke-free gaming and rooms, but neither of the casinos has felt that it is necessary to completely eliminate smoking from within their casinos.

Like most issues of this nature, there are people with all kinds of different opinions. Obviously, there are people who support Blumenthal and feel that a complete ban is a necessary solution. Then there are those who feel like taking away smoking would infringe on their rights while they are in the casino. The most interesting group are those people who don’t actually smoke, but feel that completing banning smoking is an unnecessary step.

The other important factor to take into consideration in relation to this issue is the impact that a smoking ban would have on the casinos and their business. According to an employee of the Connecticut Mohegan Sun, he does think that banning smoking would help clean up the casino air, but he also acknowledges that it would alienate customers and potentially have a negative impact on the casinos’ business.

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Major Casino Opposition in Massachusetts

In case you aren’t familiar with the current state of casino gambling in Massachusetts, I’m going to take a minute to give you the back story (that way the main point of this post will make more sense to you). Last year, Deval Patrick (who is the Governor of Massachusetts) had a plan to license three resort casinos throughout the state of Massachusetts. However, this plan ultimately failed. If you ask anyone who was familiar with this situation, chances are they will tell you that the plan failed as a result of opposition from Salvatore F. DiMasi, who was the Speaker of the House for Massachusetts at the time that the Governor was trying to get the plan passed.

Although most people would agree that DiMasi is the reason that the plan did not succeed, the Governor of Massachusetts may have another opportunity to put his plan into action. The reason that this opportunity may be available to him is because DiMasi just recently resigned from his position as the Massachusetts Speaker of the House.

The positive thing about this scenario for the Governor is that not only did DiMasi step down, but the new Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Robert A. DeLeo, actually does support gambling. While his main objectives have been to push for slots at Massachusetts racetracks, this does not mean that the possibility of resort casinos is completely out of the question.

Because this issue is heating up once again, there have been a lot of people who have become very vocal opponents of these resort casinos being opened in Massachusetts. The most notable of all the opponents is Casino Free Mass, which is actually a consortium of people who are opposed to casinos in Massachusetts. As part of their protest, Casino Free Mass went as far as to send a letter to all legislators in Massachusetts that compared gambling to technological heroin.

On top of that, the group created a ten minute long video that focuses on the problems caused by casinos and gambling. Although you most likely do not agree with the views of this group, if you are simply interested in seeing what kind of arguments they are trying to make in regards to this topic, you can find their website here (which is where they also posted their video).

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Is There Going to Be a Ban on Online Gambling in Argentina?

When you think of a country like Argentina, you probably don’t automatically think of restrictive policies against online gambling. While the United States has been viewed for several years as unjustly regulating the online gambling industry, the majority of other countries have not gained this same reputation. However, it seems that there is a chance that Argentina may be added to the list of countries that are trying to cut the online gambling industry off at its knees.

During the last weeks, a bill has been introduced in Argentina related to online gambling. The bill, which was introduced in Buenos Aires, has the goal of completely prohibiting all online gambling. Because the bill uses the term “gambling via remote connection,” it would prohibit not only gambling that takes place over the Internet, but also any gambling done over a cellphone or other mobile device.

So, what is Argentina’s motivation for introducing this kind of legislation into their country? According to Deputy Liliana Piani, who is the politician responsible for introducing this legislation, a complete ban over online gambling is a necessity for Argentina to have control over all of the gambling activities that take place in their country. While many would argue that regulation is a much more logical approach to the topic of online gambling, Piani feels that prohibition is necessary because the government is not currently doing enough to take care of the problems she feels this form of gambling can create.

Just like in the United States, there are plenty of opponents in Argentina to this legislation who are doing their best to make their voices heard. Similar to the opponents to the US prohibition of online gambling, opponents in Argentina feel that trying to prohibit this activity is not an efficient solution. Instead of completely banning it, they feel the government should focus on regulating it. If you look at other examples of government prohibition (such as alcohol in the US in the 1920), you will see that it creates an underground market with no regulations.

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No Dice for Bodog

Because they are one of the largest companies and best known names in the world of online gambling, you might think that Bodog is immune to be negatively impacted by any legal proceedings. Unfortunately for Bodog, while they may have thought the same thing, a recent judgment against the company shows that they are just as susceptible to the law as anyone else.

In a recently ruling, Bodog was ordered to pay fifty million dollars to a company named 1st Technology LLC. The ruling was handed out in the District Court of Nevada, and given the fact that this was the ruling for the appeal that was filed by Bodog, it looks like Bodog is going to end up having to pay that hefty sum.

So, how did Bodog end up in a position where they were told to pay another company fifty million dollars? Well, this case began over a year ago in June of 2007. 1st Technology brought the suit against Bodog and claimed that Bodog was currently infringing on one of their patents. The claim was a result of the way that Bodog was distributing the software for their online gaming properties. I’m not sure if Bodog didn’t take this claim seriously or not, but they failed to show up in court for the original hearing. As a result, an automatic judgment was awarded against them. In addition to being told to pay $46.5 million dollars, both and were confiscated from Bodog. As you probably noticed, this is why Bodog launched themselves as the new brand of BodogLife.

In response to this ruling, Bodog filed their appeal with the District Court of Nevada. They claimed that they were not given legal notice, and also were not active enough in the US to infringe on the 1st Technology patent. However, as you know from the ruling, the District Court of Nevada did not agree with this appeal, and Bodog has now racked up an additional $3.5 million in fines and interest. 1st Technology has stated that they now have the “certainty we need to accelerate our seizure of any and all global assets to satisfy the judgment.”