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Video Poker Strategies for Beginners

Experts argue amongst each other about the suitability of video poker games in casinos and other establishments for beginners. Some believe that the player should encompass knowledge about poker to yield the best results when it comes to playing. Others argue that the pay tables are listed, and the player can easily catch on to which hands are winners and which potential losing hands are present.

In many video poker games there are suggestions made by the computer regarding the hands that will yield the best odds when it comes to playing the game. Of course, the player can choose their own hand at an increased risk and therefore can increase the potential winnings which can be demonstrated from the machine.

The basic rules of video poker can be found on the pay tables which determine which hands will yield which winnings. These rules are often found within the detailed tutorials and make it easy for those with even minimal experience playing poker to gain winnings when it comes to video poker.

Strategies can be developed to make the most of each hand that is played through each video poker hand. Following the pay tables and determining the best chances can be completed by using the choices that the computer has chosen for cards that should be discarded. This strategy is effective for beginner players and can minimize the risk which is associated with playing video poker, until they begin to get the hang of it.

Until the game is learned completely and the risks are associated with each hands, minimum bets should be wagered to ensure that losses are minimized until the game is learned more in depth.

Video poker has one of the highest percentages of payouts of all the machines at the casino and therefore is a popular choice for many avid poker fans that are visiting the casino. Next time you visit the casino or play online, give it a try and see how you fare.

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InterCasino Ringing in UEFA Finals in Style

The Champions League of UEFA is big with the people that normally play at InterCasino and the people running the online casino operation understand this all too well. That is why they have stepped up to the plate (to borrow a non-soccer sports metaphor to describe a situation dealing with soccer) and created the Champions Chance Quiz tournament, which will run from May 6th to May 19th. The winner of the promotion on the 19th will get a $5000 prize package that can be converted into a trip to Rome with tickets to the final of the UEFA Champions League on May 27th.

The actual tournament is quite simple and functions on the same points system that most online casino tournaments utilize in the modern era. What makes this particular one interesting however is the fact that wagering money on the different games that InterCasino has available is not the only way to earn points. In fact, it is not even the primary way to earn them.

The main way that points are earned in this particular promotion is through answering two quiz questions about the UEFA Champions League history throughout the period of time that the promotion in running. Based on your correct answers, you get points and wagering money which can in turn be used on various games within InterCasino to increase the number of points that you can get. All in all, the winner of the tournament will need to be knowledgeable, able to answer the questions and lucky at the wagering aspect in order to win. For the top 100 finishers on May 19th however, there will be some sort of prize available.

This promotion is currently available exclusively through InterCasino, so make sure you are playing there from May 6th to May 19th if you want to take full advantage of the promotion. Since it works on the basis of two questions a day, you can actually catch up on past questions even if you are unable to start on May 6th with the other players. That should increase the interest a little bit.

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Poker Ride Staying True To Its Name

When Microgaming released the Poker Ride online progressive table game in 2005, they did so in order to expand the level of card games that they offered at their online casinos. They were doing fine in slot machines, but wanted a better showing with their online card games outside of blackjack and baccarat. The Poker Ride table game actually did do that for them, partially because of the fact that the online jackpot was hit on average once every week or so. However, the positive press that Poker Ride has received recently has to be far beyond anything Microgaming could have imagined when they made this game available at all of their online casino locations.

It started on April 18th when the progressive jackpot was hit at the Poker Ride game. It was worth $106,789 and naturally Microgaming took advantage of the victory in order to release marketing notices that once again their excellent online poker casino game had allowed someone to walk home with a sweet amount of money. Then, just a few hours later (although technically on the next day), the Poker Ride machine once again allowed a jackpot to be won, this time paying out $102,024. In both cases, Microgaming was able to gain a lot of positive media out of the event and the fact that they experienced two jackpots in two days has only helped the online casino company cultivate the already positive image that many online media outlets are inclined to have of them.

In the end though, what has made Poker Ride such a great game for Microgaming has a lot to do with the general erratic behavior of the maximum progressive jackpots that are won from this game. Poker Ride is very streaky in terms of giving out jackpots and that means that it will go a long time without giving jackpots and then will give a bunch in quick succession. Online casinos love games like that because it allows them to focus their marketing efforts in the wake of the high jackpot density and get a lot of other players on board easier because they are selling the success that their machines have generated for other players. As far as this strategy is concerned, Poker Ride has been the best.

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Latest Online Casino Games from Microgaming for May

Even though the ink has barely dried on the April releases from the online casino giant, Microgaming is not slacking up the pace at all and in fact has already announced the releases that will be coming from them in the month of May.

Four new slot machines will grace Microgaming online casinos in May, all of which have something unique to contribute to the overall Microgaming online slot machine approach. The first of these is a slot machine called Summertime, which Microgaming states will be the third in a series of slot machines that started with Mega Moolah and continued with Five Reel Drive. It will feature many of the fruits of summer and on addition to that will also share a jackpot with Mega Moolah; a jackpot that as of the time of writing is over $6 million.

For people interested in continuing through the different hero slot machines that Microgaming has released lately, Fearless Frederick might be your slot machine in the month of May. Microgaming refers to it as being fast-paced and definitely in line for the next slot machine in their hero series. Another attractive feature about it is that it comes with a maximum jackpot obtainable at 210,000 coins.

Fans of game shows will enjoy Your Lucky Day, the third slot machine set to be released by Microgaming in May. This slot machine is a tribute to the game shows that we all grew up on and for that reason both a host and a hostess are present to help guide you through the game in search of exotic symbols on the reels such as the car of your dreams. You get to choose a player, but not to worry because they are all equal in skill. In the end though, the goal is to land that sweet 100,000 coin jackpot at which point you actually might be able to shell out money for the car of your dreams.

Last but certainly not least is Fat Lady Sings, a slot machine that has a music theme to it. The selection of the specific theme is no accident however, as if the Fat Lady Sings for you it will mean a nice 75,000 coins in jackpot winnings.

Slots Tips and Strategy

Gambling Safety Tips for Casino Gambling

With hundreds of dollars floating around and money changing hands quicker than it can be changed, casinos can be the target of thieves that are looking to approach beginners or first-time casino visitors and take advantage of their naiveté by stealing or robbing the bankroll or the profit. Keeping yourself safe in the casino is essential and therefore the player should adhere to certain tips to make this possible, these tips include:

Keep your money in a wallet or a purse and keep this close to you. There are so many cases of wallets and purses being stolen in casinos when the player puts these items down or hangs the purse on the chair that they are sitting in. At a casino, it is important to be secure with your money and your wallet, as the credit card can be charged within minutes of being stolen, before you have a chance to report it to the credit card company.

Don’t flash around the winnings that you have accumulated. Put these winnings away immediately and ensure that the winnings are not placed within reaching distance, such as within an outside pocket, or kept in your hand.

There are many products that have been created such as money wallets and belts which can be kept close to the body. These are a great way for those traveling to reduce the chances of their money being stolen. These are available for less than twenty dollars and are often worn around the waist, under the clothes. It can be hard to detect these products and therefore reduces the risk of the money being stolen.

While making withdrawals at the casino, be sure to shield your information from those that may be watching. This can help to reduce fraud and identity theft.

Casino gambling can be a fun experience, but it is important to take safety measures to protect the money that you have won, as well as protecting your bankroll!

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Mayan Princess Slot Game from Microgaming

For slot game fans, it is always a nice experience to play slots of different themes. If you are one of them, then definitely you would be looking forward to play the new Mayan Princess Slot game from Microgaming. Its components and theme are so chosen that the whole experience would transport the players to a different world in a different era altogether. Mayan Princess is a five reel, 20 pay line slot game that lets players wager 10 coins per line. The denominations range between $0.01 and $0.20, which means that the minimum line bet is $2 and maximum total bet of $40.

The typical Mayan culture is seen everywhere in the game. The warrior with his body painted, and wearing a leopard skin headgear, engages in a violent war dance when the player hits a winning combination. The priestess becharming and alluring at the same time goes into a trance, when it is her turn to hand out the payouts. Corns, which are shown as an animation of ripe cobs being pounded into flour, and Pepper, both of which are the staple diets of the Mayans, are main symbols on the reels, so does the Crocodile, the Leopard and the colorful Parrot, and an array of masks. The crocodile symbol snaps its massive jaws, when it is time to dole out the payouts.

However, the most powerful symbol on the reel is the Pyramid. Historians say the pyramid had been the site of religious activities including sacrifices in the Mayan days. But in the game, the Pyramid is more benevolent to the players than anything violent. When a player gets the Pyramid symbol on reels 1 and 5, the sun rises behind it, announcing that the player had won between 10 and 20 free spins. The free spins could give double payouts to the players, and can be retriggered as well. Interestingly, the Mayan Princess, on whom the game has been named, is not anywhere on the reels in person. Instead, the princess is represented by a logo. It is the Wild Symbol. Appearance of five of the wild symbols on any active pay line guarantees a jackpot of 5,000 coins to the players. At max line bets, this translates to $10,000 cash.

Overall, the graphics of the game is good, so is the background music when the reels spin. One could find the Mayan Princess Slot game in any of the Microgaming casinos.

Slots Tips and Strategy

Online Slot Machine Strategies

There are many people that have strategies for traditional in-casino slot machines, but can these strategies apply to those taking advantage of slot machines that can be played on the internet? Playing slots on the internet can be a great way to experience gambling and slot machines from the comfort of your own home with the convenience of being allowed to gamble as much or as little as you wish without being pressured by the hustle and bustle of the casino.

Here are some of the strategies that should be used in an online casino to make the most of the deposits that have been made:

Don’t spend more than you can afford. Be sure to limit the amounts that can be spent and combine this with the time that you wish to gamble at the online casino. Set losing limits for each hour and be sure to adhere to these limits while playing the game, to ensure that you don’t lose more than you can afford.

Slot machine strategies that can be used on the internet include playing at multiple games and ensuring that the game is changed if the game has not paid even a small win between four and five spins. Even online casino games should demonstrate a small win between four and five spins to maintain the interest and ensure that you are not going to lose your money too quickly between the amounts of time that is spent at the online casino.

Know the information for each game that is being played, this includes the percentage of payout that will occur at each machine. The higher this number indicates that the money that is placed into the machine to gamble will yield higher payouts, these numbers often range between 80-95% and the higher the number, the better it is for the player.

Slot machine strategies are personal and most people develop the strategies through time that is spent at the online casino, or in the casino. Strategies can be developed based on the time that is spent gambling and the casino games that are enjoyed through the online casino.

Slots Tips and Strategy

Online Casinos – When to Walk Away

It can be difficult to know when to walk away from an online casino and avoid making the next deposit. It seems so simple after the initial deposit has been completed and you can easily make the next with the click of a button to withdraw from your bank account or credit card. Many players that have taken advantage of online slots have found themselves depositing hundreds of dollars before even realizing it. In fact, this is how players get themselves into trouble as they are unable to track how much has been spent – sometimes in as little as an hour.

Just the same as a traditional casino, if you are playing the slot machines and you have not had even a small win every four to five hits than consider using a different machine or playing a different game. This can indicate a tight machine that you may lose too much money before you begin winning.

As a general rule, you should never enter the casino, traditional or online with more money than you can afford to lose. This can lead to a mentality of requiring winning the money back and can be a dangerous game to take part in. Therefore, the casino wins and you leave broke, frustrated and stress. When players are gambling with more money than they can afford, gambling loses its appeal quickly.

Take advantage of limits which can be set by the user. On many casino websites there are limits which can be imposed by the player that can limit the amount of losses and withdrawals that are seen from the bank account and credit card account. Determining these limits can be simple. Think about how much that you can afford to lose and the number that you feel safe gambling with. At this point, the number can be added to the limit which cannot be changed for at least twenty four hours. This is an effective way to reduce how much is lost at the online casino and can help the consumer to walk away.

Slots Tips and Strategy

The Types of Slot Machines

We all have our favorite slot machines that we like to play. Our favorite slot machines depend on a variety of factors and include the bonuses which are available through the machines as well as the type of game. There are some people that prefer to play straight slot machines at the casino and others that would rather play progressive slots.

Both types of slot machines offer competitive bonus structures and allow the player to take advantage of bonuses which can help to quadruple the money in as little as one round if

Straight slot machines at the casino are those that offer the same winnings per line which do not change, as opposed to progressive slot machines, where the winnings can change depending on the amount of coins that are placed in the machine and the amount of coins which are bet through each spin.

Progressive slot machines at the casino are those that are an effective way to win the jackpot. In these types of slots, up to three coins can be placed in the machine and bet per line to increase the chances of winning the jackpot. The player has the choice of playing between one and three coins and the more coins that are played the higher the chances of winning the jackpot.

Which type of slot machine offers higher chances of winning? This is something that many players are unsure about but the truth is that the slot machines that offer the highest chances of winning depend on how many coins are being bet per line and per spin. The more that is bet, the more that could potentially be won at the casino. Remember though, jackpot bonuses are traditionally offered through progressive slot machines.

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Easter Promotions at Casino Tropez

Casino Tropez is welcoming its players for this Easter with a three pronged package. For one, the promotions package known as Easter Bonus Joy starts at April 9, and continues until the Easter weekend, the April 12th Sunday. Secondly, for beginners, the Casino offers an unlimited 15% bonus on all deposits made during the promotion period.

However, the main one is the $8,000 Elite Challenge Tournament. Those who play poker at Casino Tropez during the promotion period will automatically qualify for the Elite Challenge Tournament. In the end, 73 players will be able to win prizes in the tourney. The first prize winner could pocket $1,000, while second to seventh place finishers would win $500. Further, eight to 21st place finishers can take home $100 each, and 22nd to 73rd place finishers will win $50. Also, Elite Challenge is the first of its kind in the web that lets players check their rankings at any time, thanks to the concept of ‘real time’ updates.

For dessert, the casino is offering an Easter surprise. That is, players, who manage to dish out a hidden Easter egg through scavenger hunt, could win a free bonus.

However, true to any casino, none of these promotions come with a string attached to it. In order to win the prizes/bonuses, one has to wager 40 times the initial deposit. Further, players need to make at least one deposit during the promotion period announced. However, the biggest catch in the apparently lucrative promotional deal is that the above said privileges are available only to those players who have received an invitation by email. That is, those without an email address, or had registered with a wrong or nonexistent one while registering for the first time stands to lose out.

On the backdrop of these promotional offers, the Casino Manger, Renee Pascale, highlighted the relevance of chat feature in the Tropez interface, likening it to virtual socializing platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. He emphasized that socializing through virtual online platforms comes handy during financially troubles times as today, when people are more often than not forced to cut down on their social spending.

For those who don’t know much about Casino Tropez, it is an online casino that belongs to the Euro Partners group of online casinos, and licensed in Antigua. It is powered by Playtech, and its operations are audited by Technical Systems Testing. To know more about Casino Tropez, visit its website