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Wealth Spa Introduces Groundbreaking Bonus Activation Structure

Microgaming has long been known as one of the more innovative online slot machine companies, a fact that has been brought home time and time again by the large numbers of new and unique games that they have been able to bring to market each and every month. Every now and then they even surprise their own followers however and this is exactly what has happened with Wealth Spa.

Originally, bonus games with video slot machines were triggered with specific combinations of symbols appearing on the reels. When Microgaming released Mega Moolah in the middle of this decade, the bonus game was revamped to make it fit in better with the progressive video slot machine structure. In that slot machine and in all of the others in its product line that have come along since, the bonus game is activated randomly rather than with different symbol combinations.

Now, Microgaming has taken their video slot machine bonus gaming to a totally different level with the purchase bonus game option. In the video slot machine Wealth Spa that has just been released by Microgaming, there are five different bonus games. They are the smoothie bonus game, the hot stone bonus game, the body wax bonus game, the bath oil bonus game and the massage bonus game. The smoothie bonus game costs one coin to purchase and so on up to the massage bonus game which costs five coins.

How do you collect coins? The token is a symbol that will appear randomly on the fifth reel, giving you one coin when it appears. You can choose to spend the coins you have right now for a bonus game or you can wait for other coins. The massage bonus is automatically triggered when you get to five coins. With higher games being worth more in bonus amounts, the decision rests squarely with you as to whether you want your short term or long term feelings to prevail. It adds a completely new tactical element to online video slot machines and for that reason certainly has the ability to make even the most experienced slot veteran feel new and excited once more.