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August Microgaming Preview Released

Microgaming is easily the most prolific casino software designer out there and can always be counted upon for interesting new slot machine releases with every passing month. For August, sources at Microgaming have not only revealed that there are going to be four new slot machines coming out onto the market, but have also leaked some of the basic details regarding each of the new slot machines.

Mega Moolah is going to get its fourth instalment in August, a piece of news that should certainly be welcome to people that have followed and loved this particular video slot gaming series from the start. It is called Isis and as the name implies it has a theme that is all about the treasures of Ancient Egypt. This is a five reel video slot machine with some very clean lines in rendering. To show that it is indeed a Mega Moolah slot machine, it is part of the million dollar progressive jackpots that this series is known for.

Next on the list is Wealth Spa, an online slot machine that should definitely appeal to a lot of the women gamers out there. This slot machine, which also has five reels, takes us through the journey of a day at an expensive spa. Massages, gold credit cards, natural facial masks and just about everything else comfortable and amazing about a spa has found its way into this specific online slot machine.

Silver Fang is arguably the most interesting from the point of view of the theme as it is an homage to a great novel that many of us read growing up. It has pictures of wolves, paw prints and things that wolves would hunt for food. Anyone that was a Jack London fan should definitely appreciate this particular online video slot machine.

Last but certainly not least is another five reel slot machine known as Get Rocked. As the name of the slot machine implies, the theme here is nothing but rock and roll. If you love rock and roll, you are most definitely going to love all of the great symbols that are waiting for you on the reels of this slot machine.